As one of the leading medical companies in Saudi Arabia, Al- Shehail & Co.Ltd. is marketing highly specialized Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Information Softwares and medical devices for different sectors of healthcare.  


Truven Health     Healthcare Management System
Micromedex   Micromedex   Computerized Clinical Information System
Gelclair   Micromedex   Gelclair
Surgical Blades & Handles   Micromedex   Swann Morton Surgical Blades & Handles
Ambisome   Micromedex   Amphotericin B 50 MG Liposomal
Truvada   Micromedex   Emtricitabine 200MG + Tenofovir 300MG
Emtriva   Micromedex   Emtricitabine 200mg Cap.
Viread   Micromedex   Tenofovir 300MG
Microfluidizer   Micromedex   Nanotechnology Equipment
Orthokinetics   Micromedex   Physiotherapy & Rehablitition Solution