Al- Shehail & Co.Ltd. has been serving the Saudi Healthcare market since 1982, when the company was established in Riyadh. Since that it has expanded its business activities throughout the geographical foot print of Saudi Arabia by establishing two additional regional offices in Jeddah and Dammam.

Since the conception we have dedicated our services to prevent and treat complicated diseases and to help Saudi society to improve health and well being among its nationals and expatriates. We provide unique range of pharmaceuticals, computerized clinical information systems, medical sundries and medical equipments produced by world renowned manufactures based in USA, UK and Ireland. Company vision is to evolve its healthcare services continuously to keep pace with the needs and to provide up to date, reliable and professional services to Saudi healthcare market. It is our ethical and regulatory responsibility to monitor safety of our medicines in live of our business philosophy which is patient focused. We are proud of our company’s role in building the second to none Saudi healthcare system. We always strive to do more to take up and prepare ourselves for future challenges.